• Atsuhiro Koizumi – Guitar, etc.
  • Sotaro Kojima – Guitar, etc.
  • Michito Kaji – Drums, etc.
  • Itiroh Shukuya – Drums, etc.

Great Support Musicians:

  • Hiroki Chiba – Bass, etc.
  • Hiroki Togashi – Drums, etc.

Sangatsu is a Japanese instrumental band based in Tokyo.

We have released several albums, soundtracks, and jingles. We also have performed lives, collaborating with theater, dance, and other art forms.

Now we launch our new project “Catch and Throw”, a kind of open platform.

We make recipe, and you can catch it. We hope you’ll use it, rebuild it and throw it again. After that, someone may catch it. (and use it, rebuild it and throw it again…)

Please visit our PROJECT page for more details.


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